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Sarthi Design uses cutting-edge technology and employs highly competent and experienced land surveyors to do any type of survey. Highways, pipeline route surveys, topographical surveys, layouts, area calculations, L-sections and cross-sections, HYDEL projects, the conversion of manually collected data into computerized drawings, the digitization of hand-drawn drawings, and consulting on survey and soil investigations are just some of our specialties.

Use of high-end computing devices and an electronic total station by SARTHI DESIGN’s surveyors ensures that the most accurate findings can be obtained and processed. This technology lead to,

  • Accurate and precise outcomes
  • In the x, y, and z coordinate systems,
  • Calculating the distances between points on a horizontal, vertical, or sloped surface
  • The survey time and field work are reduced.

As a land surveyor, what do you need to know?

Real property (land) corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments are established or reestablished through the process of land surveying using documented evidence from the past as well as current best practices. Additionally, land surveying covers services such as data analysis, subdivision planning and design, drafting legal descriptions, mapping, construction layout, and precision measurements of angle, length, area, and volume.

The fundamental function of a land surveyor is to determine a person’s property line. Property surveyors use a legal description of the boundary to locate it on the land and mark it, so the owner may see exactly how much land he or she owns.

There is a lot of archaeology and a lot of private investigation involved in land surveying. This combination safeguards your property rights with independent information.

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Land surveying is quite important.

·       Topographical maps illustrate the hills, valleys, rivers, and towns of a particular country, as well as woods and settlements.

·       A cadastral map shows the boundaries of the fields, buildings, and other properties, making it easier to produce a map.

·       For the preparation of a detailed engineering map, such as a road map, a railway map, a reservoir or irrigation canal map,

·       With this information, you may create a military map that depicts transportation links between different sections of the country.

·       A contour map is useful in determining the reservoir’s capacity and determining the optimal route for roads, trains, etc.

·       It aids in the preparation of a geological map that depicts the locations where subsurface resources can be found.

·       Archaeologists can use it to create a map showing where ancient artifacts can be found.

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We offer surveying services from Sarthi Design.

We are equipped to handle a wide range of land surveying, engineering surveying, and geodetic surveying projects because of our extensive technical knowledge, equipment, and supplies.

For site planning, engineering, and construction projects, we conduct topographic surveys.

High-accuracy engineering surveys are needed for projects such as pipelines, roads, bridges, tunnels, and mining, among others. These surveys are carried out using engineering instruments. The volume of earthworks can be quickly and accurately determined using survey software.

Densification of control points through the use of high-end optical and geodetic solutions, such as 1″ total stations and dual-frequency GPS receivers, in control surveys For aerial photography and satellite picture correction, we conduct ground control surveys.

Indoor partitioning, outdoor alignment, and alignment of subsurface construction can all be done with lasers.

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