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Quantity Surveying Services

Quantity Services are performed by the Quantity surveyors and they are totally in demand nowadays. Quantity Services and Surveyors have a strong relation in the industrial sectors and thus, getting indulged in Quantity surveyors courses would definitely open the gate for the final year engineering students to get placement using our accredited degree as a perfect first step towards their career goals.

Just the way the final year students of Graduation degree are provided the full course-related knowledge, our students will also get to know about how to financially manage the construction projects from the first stage to designing, building, and maintaining the projects. Also, the students would get the benefits associated with the industrial-based software and facilities, along with tutors with professional knowledge and the guest lectures by professionals sharing their experience with them.

What is Quantity surveying

Quantity Surveying refers to the professional activities of the surveyors functioning to estimate the cost of the materials along with labor required for completing the construction-based projects. In other words, Quantity Surveying refers to a group of subjects of which Estimation is the one. And Estimation of Quantities of items of work just before the commencement of the work included is simply a part of the Quantity Survey. 

This definitely includes the measurement of the complete work with the preparation of the bills associated with interim and final payment. Also, Quantity Surveying is regarded as the action or professional training function to estimate the cost of the materials along with labor required for the construction-based job. Quantity Surveying is a wider concept that includes three steps i.e. estimation, planning, and control of the cost of construction projects. Other than estimation, this profession also consists of various activities including cost estimation, cost planning, value engineering, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, lifecycle costing, and valuation. The main purpose of this professional course is the effective and efficient usage of the resources including materials, manpower, and money.

Two stage of Quantity surveying

Pre-contract stage

Pre-Contract Stage of Quantity Surveying refers to a first stage that includes the meeting with the client defining their brief associated with the project where the architect comes with multiple sketches based on their client brief, hence, leading to the development of the structure along with service design and determination of cost required for the construction project before embarking on the real project. 

Apart from sketch designing, the Quantity Surveyor performs these additional responsibilities in this stage including preparation of preliminary estimate to define the clients’ financial capabilities, advising in tendering along with contractual arrangements, preparing for the tender and the contract documents in conjunction, investigation of the tenders and advising the clients over the financial status and experience, and so on duties.

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Post-contract stage

The Post-Contact Stage of Quantity Surveying is regarded as the stage of reviewing, monitoring, and auditing followed by the contract signing during the compliance and evaluation phase. The responsibilities of the Quantity Surveyor included within this stage includes Contract Administration, Detailed Contract Audit, Ongoing performance along with status monitoring, sudden contract end for breach, expiry, or other such triggers, Claims along with dispute resolution, and so on.

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The owners of the Construction need to choose a  Quantity Surveyor is that they perform effectively in managing the costs and legal processes of the building projects. Basically, the surveyor works or functions by preparing forecasts, and cash flow projections, along with defining the statements of expenditure and contractual documentation. In certain construction-based projects, the surveyors need to initiate their project by calculating the interim and final account payments for the contractor, and these are completely based on the work satisfactorily completed on the valuation day. These functions and responsibilities are generally performed by the Professional Quantity Surveyors and thus, these professionals are highly qualified in their work. And thus, we bring the team of Sarthi Designs offers the full knowledgeable team of Quantity Surveyors for helping our clients to experience an advanced journey from pre-contract to the post-contract stage of surveying their Construction projects. This is because we are aware of the fact that the company’s first impression is the last impression and hence, we play our complete concern towards detailed and clean design.


Today, as the world is going towards advancement and thus, every field of engineering is field is developing the latest trends and technologies in it. Similarly, the quantity surveying of civil engineering has developed its advanced technologies. We the team of Sarthi Designs ensures that these latest technologies and trends are only provided by us for making our client’s dream projects to be the glory of their life. Our Quantity Surveying team is a group of well-trained surveyors having skilled knowledge in their field who has worked with technologies over various construction-based projects. Also, our team has an experience in civil engineering. 

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Our Sarthi Designs team of Quantity Surveying is well-versed with all the latest trends and technologies associated with their profession and thus, their experience is also fully skilled as they have been a part of various construction-based projects. We the surveying team of Sarthi Designs work on our clients’ projects accounting for our total experience from the projects, we have completed yet. And thus, our experience is the projection of our advancement, and well-versed with the latest trends and skills associated with professional Quantity surveying.

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